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23 Wishes

Photographer: Elisa Lonergan

1.) I wish the universe reads these as affirmations and not as just wishful thinking.

(23 wishes just had a better ring to it for a birthday post.)

2.) I wish that my Spinraza treatment goes so well that I end up being able to flip people off with both hands one day.

3.) I wish to eat a whole dessert someday in my life.

(I don’t eat a lot, even when I try it’s like physically impossible to finish a dish and it’s not bad when it’s savory food, but DESSERT? Leaving DESSERT? It hurts me.)

4.) I wish to one day purposefully run someone over -- not an accident, not an embarrassing moment, but 100% rage and satisfaction.

(Don't worry, this is a good thing. Only the good die young.)

And on a totally unrelated note:

5.) I wish to drive one day.

(Haha, yeah I know, it's funny cause I do drive, but I wanna drive something with more horsepower, AKA, an automobile. It just seems terrifying and I love that.)

6.) I wish for my corporation, Anomaly, to be a success. More importantly for it to make an impact on society.

(Anomaly Fashion Boutique...coming your way 2020.)

7.) I wish my dad would win the lottery so that he would stop pestering about ME not playing the lottery.

8.) I wish to be financially secure.

(...fuck it. I’ll say it, I wish to reach my dream of being a rich ass sugar mama.)

9.) I wish to get flowers from someone when least expected. (I'm human. I'm mushy. Get over it.)

10.) I wish I one day dare to make a total fucking scene at a doctor’s office because they’re being dumbasses.

11.) I wish I can go for a week without seeing a clearly non-handicapped car in the handicap parking space.

(Yes, I’m talking to you, monster-truck-looking-vehicle.)

12.) I wish video game companies could get their shit together and actually design something that all wheelchair-bound people can play.

13.) I wish I had a Capuchin monkey…no explanation required.

14.) I wish for things that I cannot type. But the universe knows that I know what I want it to know.

(Insert winky face here.)

15.) I wish to understand the social security system and how they think my allowance is…enough.

16.) I wish I could make a fucking difference in society.

(I know that's a very millennial thing to say, but I am sick and tired of only wheelchaired bound males getting their story told on the big screen.)

17.) I wish my mouth would get it together and keep up with my brain so some day at some point I can actually say everything that’s going through my mind.

18.) I wish to one day go with the flow. But TRULY go with the flow. Which means lazy river, don’t give a shit where it takes me, my life is fulfilled, and if I fall off the waterfall then that’s cool. Will I be high? Maybe. Has that happened yet? Unfortunately not.

19.) I wish I could one day make up my mind about children. Are they creepy? Are they cute? Are they trying to kill me when they cling to the joystick of my chair? I don’t know.

20.) I wish to one day plaster my wheels with glitter paint and run down the sidewalks of whatever pitiful city I’m in at the time. Therefore, literally, leaving my mark.

21.) I wish someone I loved pissed me off so badly that I actually lose my shit and red-faced yell at them for the first time. "Here's looking at you kid!"

22.) I wish to convince my parents to let me wear contacts…I have a greater chance of getting a monkey.

23.) I wish to be able to one day make 46 wishes and then some more.

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1 Comment

Justin Ward
Justin Ward
Feb 01, 2020

okay I'm not afraid to admit this, I have read every post from the very beginning up to here so far.

Wish 6 - with what I've read your corporation will be a success. Look at everything you've accomplished and overcame so far in your life which (based only on reading your post seems like quite a bit). That work ethic doesn't go away, it just gets stronger with age. Keep it up and don't stop. Wish 9 - I'm just going to be honest, I would happily help you out with this one. Like I said in one of my other comments. I'm a romantic guy and I like to make people smile and make days special so if you…

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